Expo Trade Solutions Limited is a reliable, dynamically developing supplier of household electrical equipment for home and garden, household pumps, as well as tools for repair and construction.

Our priority is the safety of our customers and their maximum satisfaction from using our product. This is something we are proud of and are willing to share with our customers thanks to our extensive experience and strict quality control requirements.

The experience of our team in working with DIY products and the trust of our customers allows us to expand the range of products to best meet your needs.


Our customers are wholesale buyers, and therefore, payment for the goods is made via bank transfer.

All products from our company are backed by a minimum 1-year warranty.

If you receive a damaged product, there are a few options available to you, depending on the circumstances. If the product is within the warranty period, you can return it to the seller for repair or replacement. If the damage occurred during shipping, you may be able to request an exchange or refund for the goods you purchased.

Our products are manufactured to meet all international technical quality standards.

We offer a 24-month return policy for all electrical products purchased.

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