Voltage regulator Resanta ASN-1500-1-EM

Resanta ASN-1500-1-EM voltage stabilizer is designed to equalize the input voltage and protect devices from voltage fluctuations with a total power of up to 1.5 kW. It works with a voltage of 220V with an accuracy of +/-2%. The device is equipped with network interference filters that prevent distortion of the frequency sine wave, microprocessor control and a display displaying voltage parameters. Exceeding the limits of the supported input voltage automatically turns off the power supply. The durable housing protects the internal components of the device from damage. The device can provide stable power supply – TV, receiver, DVD player, cash register, gas boiler.

This stabilizer provides the most accurate voltage regulation (error up to 2%) by reading the voltage from each coil turn. The rated power at an input voltage of 190V is 1500W. Number of phases = 1.

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