Vibration pump is designed to supply water in domestic conditions from wells. It can also be used to supply water from mine wells, reservoirs, and open bodies of water for watering gardens and vegetable gardens. The pumps are capable of pumping water horizontally over long distances (over 120 meters), allowing them to supply water from sources that are located at a significant distance from the point of use.


Supply network voltage, V 220-230
Power supply frequency, HZ 50
Power, W 280
Type of water intake Upper level
Maximum water lifting height, m 72
Maximum capacity, l / min 18
Maximum immersion depth of the pump, m 3
Outlet diameter, in 3/4
Pump diameter, in 4
Cable length, m 15
Pump body material Aluminum
Guarantee 1 year
Weight, kg 3.483 kg
Package dimensions 0.179 × 0.179 × 0.179 m


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