VIHR ASV-370-20H

The pumping station is designed for uninterrupted water supply in automatic mode, cottages, cottages, farms and other consumers. At the same time, it automatically maintains the required pressure in the water supply system, independently switching on and off as consumers consume water.

Supply network voltage, V 220-230
Power supply frequency, HZ 50
Power, W 370
Pump type Eddy current
Maximum water lifting height, m 30
Maximum capacity, l / min 45
Diameter of inlet and outlet openings, in 1
Maximum suction depth, m 9
Pump body material Cast iron
Hydraulic battery capacity, l 20
Permissible concentration of solid particles in the pumped water, g / m3 150
Guarantee 1 year
Weight, kg 10.4 kg
Package dimensions 0.455 × 0.496 × 0.278 m
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