Trimmer petrol EUROLUX TR-1900T

The Eurolux TR-1900T is a garden tool designed to keep the plot in good condition. Although it belongs to the budget category, this tool has professional features. It has a two-stroke engine with power of 2.5 kW (3.4 horsepower) and a speed of 9500 RPM. The engine is easy to start and does not overheat thanks to air cooling, and the noise level is only 96 decibelswhich is not harmful to hearing. The handle of the tool moves along a solid rod to balance the trimmer. The conveniently located controls allow you to easily stop the engine and adjust the speed while working. The shoulder strap makes it easy to adjust the height of the tool and, together with the vibration reduction system, reduces the load on the user.

Weight, kg  6.3 kg
Capacity, W 2500
Brand Eurolux
Engine type 2-stroke, air-cooled
Package dimensions 0.33 × 0.32 × 0.23 m
Ignition Electronic
Idle speed, rpm 9500±500
Anti-vibration system Yes
The width of the bevel disk, mm 255
The width of the bevel line, mm 460
Sound pressure level, dB 96
Detachable rod No
Disk type 3T
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