Trimmer petrol EUROLUX TR-1300T

The Eurolux TR-1300T gas trimmer is a practical solution for maintaining a lawn or garden, providing an excellent alternative to manual toolsIt is well suited for small-scale work. Among its main advantages, it offers portability and independence from the power grid. The trimmer operates on a mixture of gasoline and oil, making it suitable for long-lasting use. The transparent fuel tank allows users to monitor fuel levels without interrupting work. With a power output of 1,800 watts, the engine is powerful enough to clear even dense bushes. It has a reliable two-stroke engine with air cooling, reducing the risk of overheating. To minimize vibrations and provide maximum comfort, the tool is equipped with an anti-vibration system. A standard shoulder strap is included for easy handling during use. 

Weight, kg 6.3 kg
Capacity, W 1800
Brand Eurolux
Engine type 2-stroke, air-cooled
Package dimensions 0.33 × 0.32 × 0.23 m
Ignition Electronic
Idle speed, rpm 9500±500
Anti-vibration system Yes
The width of the bevel disk, mm 255
The width of the bevel line, mm 460
Sound pressure level, dB 96
Detachable rod No
Disk type 3T


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