Resanta DM-50 metal detector

Resanta DM-50 metal detector is useful for locating electrical wiring, metal fittings, and wooden beams.

The tool will help to detect elements from different materials in the ceiling, floor, wall. It is able to detect the presence of a live copper cable at a depth of 50 mm. Ferrous metal elements are recognized at a distance of no more than 38 mm from the surface, wood can be determined at a maximum depth of 19 mm. The device works autonomously without connecting to the mains, it is enough to ensure timely replacement of batteries. The device is characterized by its compact size, light weight (282 g), easy operation and high operating speed. The case has an ergonomic shape for easy holding in the hand. The metal detector has a calibration function. When the desired object is detected, the result is confirmed by an audible signal and displayed in a graphical image on the display. The device can be used in a wide temperature range: from -10 to +50 degrees.

The convenient, compact, lightweight, effective metal detector Resanta DM-50 will be useful during repair and other work to search for fittings, cables, pipes, beams in ceilings and walls, will help to find wiring breaks, ungrounded equipment, and avoid emergency situations.

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