Resanta 6890-62 voltage tester

Resanta 6890-62 voltage tester (3 in 1) is used for safe step-by-step indication of power supply voltage and chemical power sources of type AA, AAA, C, D. The device is made in a flat plastic housing with an insulated cone probe. A wire with a second probe is attached to the tester. This tester will not detect an open circuit. Neon lamps serve as indicators.

The principle of operation of the tester is very simple, since all the elements of the tester make up a simple serial electrical network with step-down resistors and three neon lamps. To check the presence of voltage in the network, it is necessary to touch the bare conductor with the sting of the screwdriver tester and touch the second conductor with a second probe. The electric current passes through the tester’s sting, through resistors with a nominal value of at least 0.5 mOhm, reducing the current to a safe level and reaches one of the contacts of the neon bulb. The second contact of the light bulb is closed by the user with a second probe. The lamp will light up, provided that there is a voltage in the network. The higher the measured voltage, the more light bulbs light up.

– Constant voltage detection. current with divisions: 150 V, 300 V, 500 V.
– Detecting the voltage of change. Current with divisions: 110 V, 220 V, 380 V
– Max. voltage – 500 V;
– Max. change. entrance. current at 400 V – 52 mA;
– The frequency of the change. current – 50-500 Hz
– Length – 100 mm;
– The length of the slave. parts – 15 mm;
– The rod is straight;
– Measurement – contact;
– Number of probes – 2 pcs.;
– Powered by batteries.

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