Resanta 6878-48 NS voltage tester

Resanta 6878-48 NS voltage tester  is designed to safely determine by contact and non-contact method the presence of electric current in electrical networks with a voltage of 220V, as well as to ring the integrity of electrical circuits (light bulbs, fuses, wires, plugs). The indicator is a green LED. Work on ringing circuits is carried out only on de-energized conductors!

A special feature of this model is a relatively high voltage threshold of more than 70 V, so this tester cannot be used when working with low–voltage networks. The device can detect an electrical circuit break, as it is equipped with two batteries.

With the help of the tester, it is possible to determine the presence of a phase not only by contact, but also by non-contact. This feature will be useful when searching for wiring in walls and the location of an electrical circuit break. The device will show the location of the cable laying in the wall with an accuracy of 10-20 centimeters.

The tester has a built-in operating mode switch:
A sensitivity level switch is located on the side of the device. The “O” position is low sensitivity (contact detection of AC voltage, ringing). The “L” position is the average sensitivity. The “H” position is high sensitivity.

Indication of the presence of AC voltage:
– contact method from 70 to 250 V
– contactless method from 70 to 10,000 V

Indication of the presence of a DC voltage: up to 250 V.

Indication of electrical circuit conductivity:
– position “O” (0 – 5 mOhm)
– position “L” (0 – 50 mOhm)
– position “H” (0 – 100 mOhm)

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