Resanta 6878-28 NS voltage tester

Resanta 6878-28 NS voltage tester is a digital tester for determining the presence of electric current in electrical networks in a contact and non-contact way, as well as checking the integrity of electrical circuits, light bulbs, fuses, wires and the presence of electromagnetic radiation. They are equipped with an audible voltage alarm. In fact, this is already a simplified and very convenient multimeter.

The LCD display allows you not only to determine the presence of voltage, but also its value (from 12V to 220V). The tester is made in a rectangular case with a screwdriver probe. The indicator is an LED and a liquid crystal display. To check the integrity of the conductor, touch the contact on the tester with your finger, and touch one end of the conductor with your sting. With your free hand, touch the other end of the conductor. If the conductor is intact, then the LED and the sound signal will work. These works are carried out only when the power supply is turned off! The tester is equipped with a side clip that holds the device in your pocket.

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