Petrol trimmer TR-2500S Eurolux

Eurolux TR-2500S gasoline trimmer is a modern mower powered by a gasoline engine powerful enough to mow a large area. The two-stroke air-cooled motor has a power of 3000 watts, which is enough for both lawn trimming and overgrowth of trees and small shrubs.

  1. The collapsible rod makes it easy to transport the scythe. It will fit in a passenger car.
  2. The translucent fuel tank makes it possible to control its quantity.
  3. The presence of a standard anti-vibration system will allow you to get tired more slowly when painting large areas.
  4. The piston group is chrome-plated, which increases the reliability of the product.
  5. The easy start system makes it easy to start a gasoline trimmer from the first time, even for a beginner.
  6. The control buttons are located on the handle. This is convenient and simplifies management.
  7. Inside the rod there is a rigid shaft, as well as 6 stabilizing oilers. These features reduce the vibration level in the rod, increasing its service life, and with it the gearbox with the clutch.
Weight, kg 7.929 kg
Capacity, W 3000
Brand Eurolux
Engine type 2-stroke, air-cooled
Package dimensions 0.33 × 0.32 × 0.23 m
Ignition Electronic
Speed, rpm 9500±500
Anti-vibration system Yes
The width of the bevel disk, mm 255
The width of the bevel line, mm 460
Sound pressure level, dB 96
Detachable rod Yes
Disk type 3T
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