This universal machine is suitable for sharpening Huter chainsaws, as well as chains from other manufacturers. The mechanism is adjusted using special adjustment screws. The case vents ensure timely heat removal from the internal components. A convenient guide handle ensures easy operation.


– The robust housing protects the internal components of the model, which contributes to its long service life.

– The transparent plastic shield protects against sparks that fly out during operation of the machine

– There is a convenient clip that increases the speed of sharpening the chain.


– It is possible to adjust the angle of sharpening the chain

– With the help of the machine, it is much easier and faster to restore the working condition of the chain and meet the required sharpening angles of the working surfaces of the saw elements of the structure

– The device allows you to sharpen not only the edge of saws, regardless of the model and type, but also other sharp metal tools, makes it possible to correct cutters, cutters and drills

– The chain sharpening machine is a compact, lightweight and convenient device, but at the same time has high productivity. The quality and speed of the machine is much higher than the corresponding indicators of a manual file

– The machine eliminates the need to take the chain or tools to specialized services for repair. It is not recommended to use blunted circuits and postpone their restoration indefinitely: this can lead to undesirable consequences. But with this machine, you can forget what a blunted chain is!

– The machine allows you to sharpen the chain evenly along the entire length of the web. Thanks to the locking mechanism and angle adjustment, the chain teeth are smooth and of the same height. This will have a good effect on the efficiency and quality of the chainsaw.


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