Huter DY6.5A


Rated AC frequency, Hz 50
Guarantee 1 year
Generator type Synchronous, brush
Power factor 1.0
Oil consumption, g/kWh ≤6
Number of cylinders 1
Number of cycles 4
Ignition system Magneto
Fuel supply system Free drain (gravity flow)
Cooling method air forced
spark plug type F6TC, F7TC and similar
Supply system Carburetor
Air filter type Porous polyurethane
Lubricating oil type SAE 10W-40 API: SL, SJ, SF
Type of lubrication system Splashing in the crankcase
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 325
Launch method Recoil/electric starter for LX / Automatic for ATS
Fuel tank capacity, l 22
Lubrication system capacity, ml 1100
Maximum power, W 5000 / 5500
Brand Huter
Gross weight, kg 74.5
Dimensions, cm 69/52.5/55
Rated voltage, V 220
Packing dimensions 0.71 × 0.56 × 0.52 m
Weight, kg 73.3 kg


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