Fan heater Eurolux TVS-EU-1

Eurolux TBC-EU-1 is an electric fan heater model with a capacity of 2000 wattsequipped with thermal protection and a light indication of operation. It also has a temperature controller and is designed for heating and ventilating air in rooms up to 25 square meters in size. The design of the Eurolux TBC-EU-1 is based on a spiral heating element and a fan, which provides forced air injection into the device to quickly mix warm and cold air masses. This fan heater operates in three modes: intense heating, medium power, and ventilation without the use of a heating element. In case of overheating or a decrease in air flow into the device, a thermal protection system will de-energize the device. To prevent this, the device should be cleaned periodically to remove dust. The case of the device is made of white plastic and has an ergonomic and stylish design with a handle for easy movement. It weighs 1.1 kilograms. The Eurolux TBC-EU-1 heater is suitable for use in living rooms, offices, and workspaces that require heating or ventilation, thanks to its compact and reliable design.

Capacity, W  2000
Heating element Spiral
Package dimensions 0.215 × 0.215 × 0.215 m
Voltage, V 220-230
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Recommended area, m2 25
Fan Mode Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Operation light indication Yes
Warranty 1 year
Weight, kg 7.2 kg
Complete set Fan heater, Passport (instructions), Packaging
Brand Eurolux
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