EUROLUX LL-E-C37-6W-230-4K-E14

  1. Low power consumption — on average eight times less than incandescent lamps of similar brightness (class A).
  2. Long service life — they work 25-35 times longer than incandescent lamps.
  3. The lamps are almost not heated. It is comfortable to screw and unscrew “hot”.
  4. The ability to select the color of radiation.
  5. Stable illumination brightness during power supply voltage fluctuations.
  6. Warranty for all lamps – 1 year
Brand Eurolux
Base E14
Form C37 / candle
Bulb Matte
Rated voltage, V 220-240
Operating voltage, V 170-265
Frequency, Hz 50
Color rendering index, Ra > 80
Operating temperature -30°C… +40°C
Warranty 1 year
Service life 30,000 hours
Light temperature, K 4000 (neutral light)
Luminous flux, lm 480
An analog of an incandescent lamp 50 watts
Capacity, W 6
Weight, kg 0.028 kg
Package dimensions 0.057 × 0.057 × 0.057 m
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