BG 8000 P Resanta


Maximum power, W 7000
Dimensions, mm 690x560x550
Weight, kg 70.9
Rated voltage, In 220
Rated frequency of alternating current, Hz 50
Power factor 1
Generator type Synchronous, brush
Quantity of phases 1
Engine type Petrol, four-stroke
Rated power of the engine, hp. 15
Way of start Manual starter
Fuel type gasoline
Multifunction display Yes
Wheels and handles Installation is possible
Capacity of a gasoline tank, l 25
Gross weight, kg 75.2
Sizes of a box, mm 690 x 560 x 550
Complete set Gasoline electric generator
Plug forks (on type and the number of sockets on the panel)
Candle key, Tap impact wrench, Set of rubber support with nuts
Passport (operation manual)
Guarantee 3 years
Power, W 6500
Country of origin China
Brand Resanta
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